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Here’s the deal: Any one thing contains its opposite. It’s true of characters, too. No one is all good or all bad. All weak or all strong. I got this expression from Pulitzer-Prize winning author Rick Bragg, who used it in an interview about his biography of rock n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis, a man known for his toughness. Rick wrote, “He was gentle in tiny cracks.” I kept these words in front of me as I did my final rewrite of my debut novel, One Good Mama Bone. Pat Conroy, my publisher at Story River Books, urged me to deepen my antagonist, Luther Dobbins’ humanity.

This is how you make readers care. Because, with that, all is moot.

Come with a character in mind. Maybe you’ve just thought of him/her, or maybe you’ve already written an entire story or novel. How can you make this character more deeply human? How can you make a seemingly strong character, weak/vulnerable in tiny cracks? Or make a seemingly insecure or wounded character strong in tiny cracks? This is a generative workshop, so we’ll have writing exercise(s) to find those cracks – and deepen them. Come on!

Workshop Leader:  (click to see bio) Bren McClain

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Limited to 20 participants

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